IP lawyers

Lawyers can provide legal assistance on matters related to IP.

However, because IP covers lots of different asset classes, such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents, lawyers tend to specialise in one particular area where they have experience. This makes finding appropriate legal services challenging. Here we provide a one-stop-shop for the different types of IP lawyers to meet your legal services needs.

IP insurance

Insurers can issue policies that enable businesses to cover the costs of legal proceedings that may result from IP-related disputes.


IP insurance is therefore a necessary strategic move for businesses that rely heavily on their IP assets and want to protect themselves in the event of a dispute.

IP Brokers

IP brokers are the middlemen that help mediate different IP related transactions, such as the purchasing, licensing, and marketing of IP.

Brokers are specialists with a depth of knowledge in a particular IP asset or technology segment . IP brokers are an important component  within the fragmented markets of intellectual property.

IP Valuation providers

Intangible assets like IP are more complex to value , hence specialist firms and services providers are needed to deliver

acceptable valuations. These services providers are found in accounting firms and valuation boutiques. Valuations are necessary to obtaining financing or to engage in the licensing, assignment, or sale of IP assets.