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It all starts with an idea!

As everything in life does, so did SIP Management.

A company born from an idea, a concept that aimed at making creation and innovation more efficient. We believe in ideas and more over in the innovators, inventors and creators behind these.

In an era where the knowledge economy met the sharing economy, we want to empower those individuals and teams striving to bring innovative products and creations to life.

We are creating a platform that will facilitate the creation, development and exploitation of Intellectual Property. A platform that will allow is users easily and securely develop, protect and exploit the fruits of their intellect.

SIP Management: write ideas notebook

A community for IP

We are creating a community for Intellectual Property. A community whose goal is to promote the awareness of IP, through discussions and case studies on topics around patenting, trademarks, copyrights and branding.

Our community members will have free access to our platform beta and can already enjoy free tools such as our Blockchain Logbook, a feature that allow them to encrypt and record their product or idea development changes on the blockchain. This feature provides our members with the fastest and most efficient proof of authorship.


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