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Easily protect your IP  and create a time stamped proof of authorship for your work, production or design in 3 simple steps:

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From legal experts to sector specialists for all your Intellectual Property needs; affordable professional help to file , valuate, audit your IP and much more ...


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 SIP Management is a community led platform for Intellectual Property (IP), that enables individuals and teams to easily protect, manage and monetise their creative work. Our platform and community is designed to provide small and medium size businesses the tools and support they need, to realise the full potential of their Intellectual Property.

Technology That Enables Communities

Our community-led approach and technology help small businesses, start-ups and individuals in tech and the creatives industries achieve greater IP  success. 

In order to empower our members and promote individual and collaborative innovation, we are continually developing new features driven by our vision and members feedback.

Our mission is to bring efficiency and optimisation to the intellectual property market and to provide our members with streamlined access to affordable tools and expertise needed to achieve their  IP goals.


Blockchain Secured IP

True Empowerment.

Blockchain technology is now a globally accepted, tamper-proof tool for authorship registry. Our platform blockchain component enables a fast and affordable registration of your IP.

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