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Our Story

Improving IP . is a community led platform for Intellectual Property.

Our purpose is to enable and support individuals and teams in the development, protection and commercialisation of their IP.

Our platform allows innovators, designers, inventors and authors to safeguard, collaborate and certify their work at every stage, giving them unique and timestamped traceable ownership.

A simple four steps process:

  1. Join our community as a member

  2. Upload your files on the blockchain for registry and encryption

  3. Request and receive your timestamped EU approved certificate.

  4. Engage with other members for further development and support services.

 We have built a secure environment where our members can instantly register their work,  learn, engage and collaborate  with others. From inventors to designers and legal IP experts; a platform that supports all your IP needs.

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Technology that enables communities

Easy. Fast. Secure.

At SIP Management our community-led approach and technology help small businesses, start-ups and individuals achieve greater IP  success. 

In order to empower our members and promote individual and collaborative innovation, we are continually developing new features driven by our vision and members feedback.

Our mission is to bring efficiency and optimisation to the intellectual property market and provide individuals and teams the affordable tools and expertise they need to achieve their  IP goals.


Blockchain secured IP

True Empowerment.

Blockchain technology is now a globally accepted, tamper-proof tool for authorship registry.

Create your free account and secure your work.

Become a member of our community and unlock the full potential of your intellectual property.

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