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  • What is SOLO Intellectual Property Management?
    SOLO Intellectual Property Management is the brand name of Solomon IP Management Ltd, a UK-registered company providing innovative IP solutions for creatives and businesses across both traditional industries and Web3.
  • What services does SOLO Intellectual Property Management provide?
    Some of the services available to our members include: Trademark search and filing Patent search and filing Copyright and Design registration IP consulting IP audit and valuation Contracts drafting IP monetisation
  • What are blockchain certificates?
    A blockchain is an immutable digital ledger that attaches a unique hash (numeric value) to the content of a file. By registering your document on our platform, you are creating an undeniable record of the content of that file at a point in time. Our blockchain certificates are a receipt of your transaction and provide you with a globally accepted time-stamped proof of your creation. Blockchain is the most advanced tool to protect your copyrights including artwork, music, scripts, written words, images, videos, and more!
  • Do blockchain certificates carry legal value?
    Yes, blockchain-based time-stamping and hashing are accepted throughout leading legislations and organisations such as: European Union (Regulatory Framework 910/2014/EU) US (The states of Vermont and Arizona). China WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation)
  • I uploaded a file for copyright registration, is it secured?
    Yes, your file data is secured as we do not have access to its content. Your file is encrypted and recorded on the blockchain. We only deal with the hash issued. For further safety and peace of mind, we invite our members to save their work in a password-protected .zip file and then upload this file for copyright registration.
  • How do I verify a timestamp?
    To verify a timestamp you need the following: The blockchain certificate associated with the file The original/seed file without any modification The verification process is done in 3 steps: Cross-check your certificate information with the correct file Find the blockchain address Verify the matching hash
  • What is the templates library?
    Our IP template library is a suite of document templates that help our members manage their IP assets throughout their lifecycle. From NDAs to IP assignment contracts, cease and desist letters to licensing agreements; we offer a list of extremely helpful templates. We also provide other documents and can help draft contracts upon request.
  • What is HyDRAULIC ?
    HyDRAULIC is a novel Web3 platform providing valuation and liquidity solutions for the global IP markets. A vision in the making since 2019, HyDRAULIC will enable small and medium sized businesses to borrow against their IP assets.
  • Is my intellectual property data secure with SOLO Intellectual Property Management?
    SOLO Intellectual Property Management takes data security seriously. It employs industry-standard security measures to protect your IP data. This includes encryption, access controls, regular data backups, and secure hosting infrastructure. However, it's always recommended that you also follow best practices regarding data security and confidentiality.
  • Is SOLO Intellectual Property Management suitable for individuals and small businesses with limited intellectual property portfolios?
    Yes, SOLO Intellectual Property Management is designed to cater to individuals and small businesses with varying sizes of IP portfolios. Whether you have a few trademarks or patents, or a more extensive portfolio, SOLO Intellectual Property Management provides the necessary tools to manage and protect your intellectual property assets efficiently.
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