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Blockchain for Intellectual Property

Discover intellectual property (IP) protection through blockchain. A fast and innovative tamper-proof solutions, for your designs, images, codes, formulas and much more.

How it works

Choose the file

Choose the file you would like to protect. From images, documents, audio or videos formats.

Securely Upload

 Fill the form and upload your file. All files uploaded are encrypted and registered on the blockchain.


Receive Your certificate

Once your file is uploaded, a  timestamped registration certificate is then created and emailed to you.

Blockchain technologies have both disruptive and transformative potential; they are among a number of frontier technologies that could offer new ways to do business and manage intellectual property (IP) assets...

Blockchain can be defined as a distributed database storing a permanent and tamper-proof ledger of data. The key features of said technology are: decentralization, distributed ledgers, consensus mechanisms, immutability of records and encryption

_ Blockchain technologies and IP ecosystems: A WIPO white paper (2022)

- World Intellectual Property Organization

The WIPO on blockchain...

One technology and Infinte use cases


Long gone are the days where you needed to post or email your copyright and design to yourself.

Blockchain technology provides and fast and reliable solution to a problem encounter by creatives, designers, researchers and inventors all over the world


Protect your copyrights by providing a secure and tamper-proof record of creation and ownership. The timestamp also records the date and time the asset was created.

Unregister design

Protect your designs before sharing them with others. Protect your designs before sharing them with others. Prevent copy cats and misappropriations of your work by registering on the blockchain before disclosing or publishing. 

Open innovation

Safely collaborate with others.  When you collaborate with others, it is important to be able to trust that your contributions are being recorded accurately and fairly.

Trade secrets

Easily manage your trade secrets by providing a secure and tamper-proof way to store and track them. paragraph. Track the  usage and disclosure; ensuring that only authorise parties have access.


Providing Value Worlwide To...





All from your private member area

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