Introducing our Concierge Service

Updated: May 15, 2020

When it comes to Intellectual Property management and services, knowing where to start , can be challenging at time.

At SIP Management, we have taken away the difficulties of finding the right help or the right member of our community to engage with. Our new concierge service enable any of our members to directly contact us, and book a 30 min call during which we will evaluate their IP query.

This free consultative call will enable us to assess their needs and match them with the most relevant expert within our community, based on their language and geographical location.

"We bring the help you need, directly to you"

Some of our members are legal, financial, commercial and media experts in domain covering the whole scope of intellectual property. Through our concierge service we will match you to the most relevant so to ensure you get the most of our platform.

Do you need funding to develop your IP?, we can help too.

Book your concierge call here

If your are not a member of our community, do make sure to create your free account as to enjoin the benefits of the platform.

We are all about IP, and our platform and community enables you to fully develop, leverage and commercialise your work, product and business.

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