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Independent Music & Creativity with RGEN MUSIC

At SIP Management we set out to make effective intellectual protection (IP) management accessible and affordable to all.

As part of our commitment to help expand innovation and creativity, we are proud to collaborate and support our growing community of creatives and SMEs members.

Last week we took the opportunity to sit and have a chat with RGEN, a south London born music producer and founder of RGEN MUSIC, a platform that helps independent artists create better music projects.

You can read our full conversation here

RGEN is a producer known for his cinematic yet commercial sound whose productions combine flavours of pop, afrobeats, latin music and atmospheric elements to create a unique sensorial experience.

At the age of just 20, RGEN produced the Afrobeat hit single “Antenna” by Fuse ODG, featuring american rapper Wyclef Jean. RGEN has also composed and collaborated with various artists including , Jamelia, Chipmunk, Ed Sheeran, Giggs, Tony Lanez and many more.

One of the main things that motivates me is the overwhelming, positive, shocked reactions I get when playing new people my music. I always aim to blow my listeners away and the feeling of successfully doing so is priceless. I'm also driven and motivated to help shape the industry in a way that is more fair to an independent artist hoping to achieve what signed artists can with the quality of their music alone.

His latest project “ULTIMATUM” marks his debut single and a new era for his career and ambitions for RGEN MUSIC


RGEN MUSIC is a one stop platform that aims to provide independent artists with all the tools and support the need to achieve a 360 creative project and make their vision a reality. An ever expanding production house aiming to revolutionise music creation and to enable musicians to successfully operate independently ; while ensuring that they are fairly and timely compensated for their work.

My company aims to restructure the music industry in a way that supports musicians rather than exploiting them. I aim to grow and become the industry leader in providing these services to musicians at all levels - signed or unsigned.

As expected, during our conversation we did touch on the topic of intellectual property (IP) and rights of musicians and artists.

Music is IP. Without the infrastructure built in order to protect intellectual property,music as a medium will not be one that makes money. Understanding this is key in musicians being able to effectively monetise their creation and using our services to further boost the monetisation of their work.

RGEN has clearly set a vision for impact and success and at SIP Manegement we stand by his side and look forward to supporting him along the way.

Check out the full conversation on our Forum and learn more about this amazing creative.

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