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When Ideas Meet Technology

SIP Management : Blockchain network

It all started as an idea!

The unexpected end to a tread of thoughts that are sometimes related and most of time random. Our founder use to have is best ideas on Sunday while recovering from his Saturday night out.

There’s a peculiar moment of total clarity on a hangover day, where you come to realise what are the most important matters and interests to your life, just like after rebooting a laptop, the most crucial software and application are run first before the junk overloads

However they originate, ideas can surely transform and change a person as much as the can change a world. The power of ideas is well documented but more often misunderstood as many of us have had great ideas we felt to act upon, because we though these were not useful or too complicated to realise. These ideas end up fading in our memories as an amazing dream we can’t remember the next day. A dream that more often so, we wished we could have recorded for future reference.

If my dreams could be turn into movies, they will be blockbusters”_M.M

Every idea is worth a world to a world, hence the importance of protecting, owning and sharing ideas. A daunting task in a digital era where social platforms have led to the almost instantaneous share of thoughts and where new challenges, risk and opportunities have risen in the form of peer to peer economy.

We’re now living in an Idea Economy where success is defined by the ability to turn ideas into value faster than your competition.” — Meg Whitman, Chief Executive Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

But as technology evolve so are the needs of our ideas, the need to own and protect our creation as they can add value to our life or others. In other words, as technology advance so is the need to protect our Intellectual Property. A protection that usually comes at a cost that many can’t afford, either due to the time it requires or to the fees involved in getting the right support. But what’s an idea worth if it can't be shared out of fear.

As technology evolve so our ideas and IP needs. At SIP Management, we are reinventing IP management services by combining the simplicity of digital storage with the security of distributed ledger and timestamped certification. A tool that allows individual inventors, artists, designers and scientists to protect and certify their authorship rights in less time that it takes to read this post.

We are not just trying to change the world, we are building a community that will enable individuals, teams and those companies that need it the most, to maximise the fruits bear by their intellect and innovation.

The first step in the ideas protection and exploitation process.


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