The SIP Management platform

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

The SIP platform was created as a tool, to enable individuals and teams realise the full potential of their IP. Intellectual Property (IP) is now the most valuable asset class on the planet and often one of the most important parts of a creative company’s business, if not the most important.

We believe in innovation and creativity; hence we are creating a unique environment to support innovators and creatives.

What is IP?

Intellectual Property or IP refers to the creation of the mind:

inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce.

Intellectual property belongs to the intangibles asset category, which account for most of the value added to the products we buy and consume.

Intangible assets comprise over 50% of the value of many firms, large and small, while

Intellectual Property is a major asset which if leveraged and managed effectively can increase the value of firms and wealth of nations.

Intellectual Property is protected by the application of recognise rights such as : Industrial Property Rights and Copyrights and Related Rights.

Industrial Property rights:

  • Patents

  • Utility Models

  • Industrial Designs

  • Trademarks, Collective marks, Certification marks

  • Service Marks, Trade names

  • Geographical Indications, Indication of Source or Appellation of Origin

  • Repression of Unfair Competition


  • Literary works (novel, magazines... )

  • Artistic works (sculptures, paintings, graphics...)

  • Computer software

  • Performance of artists

The SIP platform support individuals and teams, by providing them a secure network where they can safely record the IP, collaborate with others and gain access to professional services required to unlock their full potential. A real and engaging community for the success of IP.

How to use the SIP platform

  1. Create your free account and edit your profile.

  2. Register your IP on the blockchain through the "IP Vault" page.

  3. Invite, share and collaborate with other members to grow the value of your IP.

  4. Applied for financial and professional support to further protect and exploit your IP.

Your Account Profile

Your profile act as your member business card. A summary of your background, expertise, IP objective and vision. Your profile will be the window by which other members will be introduce to you, your work and or your business.

Your IP Vault

The IP Vault is the access page leading to our blockchain database network. A secure environment where you can upload your IP as a document, image, audio or video format to be recorded on the blockchain. This feature serves as a timestamped proof of authorship which is a crucial factor needed when developing your Intellectual Property.

The IP Vault allows our members to create a tamper proof digital logbook that tracks changes and updates made while developing their IP, thus eliminating excessive notary

fees while providing copyright protection.

The Social Features

The SIP platform comes with a number of social features that allows members to create and collaborate in order to unlock and maximise the value of their IP.

Members can start conversation around their field of expertise or interest through the "Forum" page. They can engage other members posts via" blogs comments" and follow theirs activities or projects.

The Concierge

The platform Concierge services enable our paying members to have fast direct access to our affordable in house IP protection and monetisation services.

  • Trademarks & designs search and registrations

  • Patents search and filing

  • IP tokenization

  • NFTs Minting

  • Licensing and merchandising

IP document templates library

A libary of templates documents for all intellectual property (IP) transanctions. Our members can download edit and share those templates.

The Marketplace

We are creating a unique marketplace for intellectual property (IP) related services. A one stop shop for all IP service providers. This enables our memebers to easily gain access to specialised products and support, for everything IP.

SIP management intellectual property services providers.

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