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IP Success & COVID-19 Pandemic

Intellectual Property (IP) is expected to play a growing role in international trade and business competition in post Covid19 economies.

As the world comes together to fight this ongoing global pandemic, we are witnessing international calls for open innovation and IP transparency. Initiative such as The "Open Covid Pledge" is attempting to galvanise scientists and tech companies into open-sourcing patents that could help solve the crisis.Tech giants like Mozilla, Creative Commons, and Intel have already made 72,000 patents available to researchers across the world; joined by other partners include Berkeley and UCSF's Innovative Genomics Institute, Fabricatorz Foundation, and United Patents.

These current development further bring back the importance of innovation and investment in R&D as many countries fails to have the necessary measure in places to support their population.

From nations fighting over scarce medical and personal protective equipment to the development of new drugs and vaccines, IP seats at the core of every business, trade and innovation.

Not all IP is created equally

Innovation come in many forms and at many price range and now more that never it's understood that you can't always relied on other nations or companies to share theirs especially in time of urgent needs. Even in cases where this is successfully achieve it doesn't guarantee the needed impact. for example, a case where Julian Botta, a resident in emergency medicine at Johns Hopkins, created a Google Doc that listed some of the basic specifications for a ventilator to provide a do-it-yourself guide for assembly. Her action shows the positive intentions of open IP even though many around the world can't implement such design for a lack of basic components and assembly infrastructure.

All IP matters

At SIP Management we believe in innovation and the value of IP to transform and empower individuals and economies. The Covid-19 pandemic forced to light innovations from many corners of the world as communities, individuals and businesses raced to find local solutions.

Such events highlight why we must nurture innovation and why we set out to create a platform and community that provides innovators with the tools and services needed to maximise the value and impact of their IP.

Make the most of our platform

All innovation, creation and therefore IP matters and these are the steps you can take through our platform ensure the success our yours.

  1. Audit what you have; have a look at your invention, design, composition or creation and find out what it worth protecting.

  2. Protect what you have; our platform provide you with an effective to protect you IP via our IP Vault; an encrypted blockchain database that enable you to place an immutable time stamp to your creation. An undeniable proof of authorship that come with a certificate.

  3. Join the conversation; our Forum enables you to reach out to other members of our communities and to engage in passionate innovation or IP conversations about your region or topic of interest. A place where you can ask questions and received all the help you need.

Our platform and growing community was created to support and promote innovation and IP.

We want to spur communities development through better IP management.

For a world were local innovations creates positive global impacts.

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