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Twitter Rebranding to X: Navigating Intellectual Property Challenges

Twitter rebranding to 'X' by SOLO Intellectual Property Management

In a surprising turn of events, Twitter, the popular bird-themed social media platform, has decided to rebrand, with CEO, Elon Musk, spearheading its transformation. The company is now formally known as 'X,' and has a new logo featuring a minimalist, art deco-inspired letter X. While the rebranding aims to usher in an era of unlimited interactivity, it has so far come with its fair share of challenges, not least those relating to intellectual property (IP).

In this blog post, we discuss the potential legal hurdles Twitter may still encounter during its transition and explore how the company could navigate the complex landscape of trademark protection.

The Risk of Trademark Infringement

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben has pointed out that the choice of the letter X as the new brand identity could be legally problematic for Twitter. The letter X is a commonly cited element in trademarks, with over 900 companies having filed trademark registrations involving the letter X in the United States alone. As a result, Twitter must tread carefully, and it is crucial that Musk and others ensure its rebrand does not cause confusion or encroach on the existing IP rights of others.

Brand Protection and Public Perception

In order to safeguard its newly adopted brand, a business must pursue a robust trademark registration strategy. Registering a trademark provides legal protection against unauthorised use of the mark and allows a company to prevent others from marketing similar products or services under a similar name. However, the simplicity of the new ‘X’ logo might pose challenges for Twitter in obtaining broader protection, given the commercial popularity of the letter ‘X’.

Furthermore, the new 'X' logo has received mixed reactions from the public. Some have noted its resemblance to a generic Unicode character used in mathematical textbooks since the 1970s. Critics have also drawn comparisons between the logo and those of certain adult film websites. Such perceptions may dilute the distinctiveness of Twitter's brand identity. As the rebranding progresses, Twitter must address these concerns and actively manage its public image to establish a strong and unique identity for 'X.'

Unicode Character X by

Despite this, Elon Musk envisions the new name as an added asset, well fitting within his conglomerate of companies and projects; the ‘X’ his personal brand signature. Think the Tesla Model X, SpaceX, and even the name of one of his children (X Æ A-XII, or “X” for short).

What Can Small Businesses and Creatives Learn?

Small businesses and creatives can learn a few things from the rebranding hurdles Twitter has faced. Firstly, a company rebranding isn’t always a smooth operation. Second, it's important to have a clear understanding of your target audience and what they want from your brand. Third, it is vital any brand changes are tested with a small group of users before rolling those changes out in front of the public. Twitter didn't do this with its rebrand, and as a result, many users were unhappy with the changes. Fourthly, it's important to be transparent and communicate with your users about your changes. Twitter didn't do this well either, and as a result, many users felt like they were being left in the dark. Finally, be patient. Rebranding can take time, so don't expect overnight success. As much as the world is getting used to Facebook now being called META, so will the world adjust to Twitter becoming ‘X’.

Are you a small business or creative thinking about protecting your brand or, indeed, rebranding?

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