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Making IP protection more accessible

SIP Management: making intellectual property protection more accessible more acce

Intellectual property is now the most valuable asset class in the world, with more than 80% of enterprise value attributed by the stock market not underpinned by tangible assets and instead based around intangible assets.

IP matters, and so much as a differentiator for SMEs, as data by the WIPO (World intellectual property organisation) shows that SMEs with a collection of patents, trademarks and registered designs are 33 percent more likely to achieve high growth and attract external investment capital. Meanwhile patented products and services generate 50 percent more revenue than unpatented ones.

Despite the clear positive impact of acquiring IP rights, many creatives and businesses still struggle to protect their creative works, products and brands to establish a clear IP management strategy. Lack of awareness is often cited as a key reason for this under investment in IP by SMEs.

At SIP Management we set ourselves to improve SMEs understanding and accessibility to IP services and tools that enable them to create more resilient and valuable businesses.

Understanding your creativity and business IP needs

Every business owns or uses some form of intellectual property (IP). It should be part of your business plan from day one and you shouldn’t wait for your business to be successful before protecting your IP.

Each innovation usually starts as an idea or a concept on a piece of paper, a canvas, as a computer graphic or code. Such an idea can be protected with a copyright and in some countries this protection is automatically acquired once the idea is set on a fixed tangible medium; however it’s always recommended to create a timestamp of copyright for future reference and in case of litigation. Our platform members can do this via our IP Vault.

Once you have copyrighted your work, the next step usually involves registering a design right or trademark, if applicable and the assistance of an IP lawyer/attorney. Finding an IP lawyer/attorney often requires spending some hours searching, quoting and comparing many providers and depending on how extensive are your business IP needs, you might want to consider getting the assistance of other service providers such as IP brokers or insurers.

At SIP Management, we simplify these processes for our members, thanks to our unique network of IP service providers.

IP lawyers/attorneys

Intellectual property (IP) lawyers and attorneys provide legal assistance on matters related to intellectual property.

Because of how broad the field of IP is , lawyers tend to specialise in one particular area. This specialization is often due to their accumulated experience in terms of technology segment (music, art, fashion etc...) or IP rights ( Copyright, Trademark, Patent etc...).

They can help you with the following task and activities:

  • Search and filing

  • IP management

  • Freedom to operate

  • Litigation

  • IP strategy

  • Alternative dispute resolution

In terms of price, legal fees vary greatly across the board, depending on the type of IP (trademark, patents, design rights etc..) to the number of jurisdictions under which protection is wanted.

IP Insurers

Intellectual property (IP) insurers provide policies that enable you to cover the costs of legal proceedings resulting from IP disputes.These proceedings include both offensive and defensive actions.

IP insurance is a key necessary component of the overall strategy for businesses that heavily rely on their IP assets, because of the high cost of litigations.

IP Brokers

Intellectual property brokers are facilitators that help mediate different IP related transactions, such as purchase, license, marketing of IP assets and their sale. IP brokers are specialists with a depth of knowledge and network within a particular IP asset or technology segment. IP brokers are an important component within the fragmented markets of intellectual property.

SIP Management: protect your creativity

Our unique community

At SIP Management we aim to simplify the process of IP protection and management for creatives and SMEs. We have built a unique community and network of service providers to support all your IP needs. If you need an IP lawyer, broker, or insurance, we have got you covered.

Because managing your IP does not have to be a challenge.

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